Saturday, 24 October 2015

How Recharge API Works?

With the Mobile Recharge API, you can recharge with a simple click of a button. Mobile Recharge API is powered by, a one-stop solution for all B2B online recharge needs. is a web portal as well as a mobile app for integrating mobile recharge to your existing business.
An Interface Web Page or Mobile screen allows you to place your recharge orders for various operators for denomination ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 1500. The recharge would be processed and the amount would be deducted from your Wallet. You can also view your available balance; commission earned, recharge history and status of recharge on your Wallet page.

How much can I earn through the Mobile Recharge API?

How much you earn depends on the volume of recharges you process. The set up cost, maintenance charges, running costs are minimal. As your recharge volumes grow, so do your profits.

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